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The Department of Missions and Evangelism

Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America


Connecting The Gospel To Our Daily Lives

"Go therefore
and make disciples of all the nations"
Matthew 28:19

We are called to share the faith in and to our community, both through outreach and evangelism.

Outreach can be thought of as a non-verbal presentation of the good news. Examples include volunteering in philanthropic efforts, care and concern for fellow humans who are suffering, and our regular daily encounters.

Evangelism is the verbal presentation of the good news to the community. Examples include a public Bible Study, sparking interest with good questions, and living a life that is consistent in words, thoughts, and deeds.


Prepared by Adam Lindahl


This project is designed to measure an aspect of parish life which is difficult for the parish to accurately assess on its own: how welcoming it is to visitors. As an individual who feels drawn to Missions and Evangelism, I wanted to design a project that worked to strengthen this ministry in America. How welcoming our parishes are to outsiders is one aspect that, historically, Orthodox parishes have struggled with. Orthodoxy has never been “mainstream” in this land and is even still viewed as a foreign religion by most. That has caused the ethnically Orthodox to huddle together for strength, often at the exclusion of outsiders. However, Orthodoxy has tremendous potential to convert many in this land to the fullness of Christianity. We must grasp the divine command of Christ and bring this land into His fold. One way we can work towards this end is by evaluating the “Spirit of Welcoming” at our parishes. 


clean out storage and help a mission

Missions need our help to gather all the items which make up liturgical life from icon stands to fans and lanterns.

Click HERE for the Mission Wish List.




Ask For The Ancient Paths, by Fr. James Guirguis, is considered by many the best introduction to the Orthodox Faith in the English language.

a book study for those interested in evangelism



discussions are happening, shall we host?


Find out why people are talking about Jordan Peterson and how you can help some seekers.



the first step is to admit that we all need help teaching our children to be "in the world but not of it"

Family Night offers parents method, structure, and training on how to present the Orthodox Faith in an interesting and engaging way for children of all ages.


In this resource, parents will learn how to present an interesting topic and lead an effective and stimulating discussion on the material.


'tis not the time to make assumptions


Understanding Millennials is a new resource to help our congregations engage with and understand this new generation. We need to understand Millennials for two reasons: 1) In order to keep our younger generation in the Church, and 2) In order to bring unchurched or lapsed millennials into the Church. 


The Becoming Truly Human documentary film was conceived and designed to engage Millennial “Nones” in a conversation, with the hopes of establishing enough of a personal relationship with them that we can offer them an opportunity to make an informed decision about the Orthodox Faith.


After using the Understanding Millennials resource in our parishes, we will we be able to use the Becoming Truly Human film more effectively as a tool to engage non-Orthodox in a conversation.

If you appreciate this resource being offered by the Dept. of Missions & Evangelism, then please consider making a donation to help us cover the cost the printing and shipping.


Contact us to order copies.

A Discussion Group Outreach Ministry

Becoming Truly Human - The Becoming Truly Human Department, with Administrator Dn. Andrew Short, offers those outside the Church a comfortable, inviting and gentle introduction to the fullness of our human lives, as offered within Orthodox Christianity. Click HERE for more information.


Click HERE to purchase a DVD/Blu-Ray copy from Ancient Faith.

Click HERE to rent or purchase a digital copy from Amazon (also available on iTunes and Google Play).


The Orthodox West- 99% of the Orthodox Church is Eastern. What about the 1%? This film is a soft introduction to the Western Rite within the Orthodox Christian Church, fully blessed for use by His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph.

Full Movie



This resource was developed by Fr. Matthew Thurman in Chagrin Falls, OH, with a little assistance from Dn. Adam Lowell Roberts. Fr. Matthew is in the Cleveland area with 30 Orthodox Churches nearby. It is common to receive Orthodox visitors, and he realized he needed to be intentional with their visit.



The 153 Podcast: Frs. John Finley and Joseph Huneycutt offer audio glimpses of Antiochian parish life and the American mission field.


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