parenting is hard; it is an art

Our goal is to provide books for both individual and group study.

After you have read a book on parenting, consider hosting a book study so that the book may bless many families in your community. Some even find that non-Orthodox parents will enjoy and appreciate an Orthodox book study on parenting.

As time permits, we will create and release discussion guides. If you create or have access to a discussion guide for a book on parenting, please consider sharing it with us for wider release.

Our book list below is organized according to publication date.

God bless!

books on parenting

Ancient Faith Publishing offers many books on parenting and family. The link above will take you to the Marriage & Family section of the bookstore. A recently published book is Parenting Towards The Kingdom by Dr. Philip Mamalakis. This bookstore has many books on parenting, so we pray this link is a blessing upon your family.


other books on parenting

These resources are considered by many as "Orthodoxy friendly." This means they are not written by Orthodox authors, but the content is appropriate for Orthodox Christians.

Family Based Youth Ministries, Mark Devries

Five Love Languages of Children, Gary Chapman

blog on being an Orthodox mom

Excerpt from the About page:

I started this blog in 2008 to simply interact with other moms in the same phase of life I was in.  There was nothing at all online for Orthodox moms, so I created a place where we could meet and talk about all the mishaps and triumphs of raising children within the  Faith.

Before I knew it this tiny little corner of the world wide web had grown larger than I ever imagined.  I’ve met the most amazing people and now count some of them as my dearest friends. In 2009, I published my first children’s book,  A Pocketful of Seeds.  In 2011, I began traveling to different places and speaking at various conferences and events.  My newest book, Songs of Praise was just released from Ancient Faith Publishing.


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