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The first step is to admit that we all need help rearing our children to love God above all else.


The list of Orthodox writings on parenting books is growing. 


Podcasts, videos, and more. Oh my!


Engagement can be edifying and fun with children.


Incarnational learning for an Incarnational faith.

Ephesians 6:4

"do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord."


a thought on parenting

In the best-case scenario, we are losing 60% of our youth when they go to college. Our children are bombarded with new distractions the world has not seen before. Screen time is competing with all of the important aspects of life. Society is trying to convince our children that they have the answers on morals, ethics, and the meaning of life. We, as Christian parents, are facing problems many of us are not ready for.

But there is hope. Wherever two or more are gathered in His name, He will be there. When we come together as Christian parents because of our love for them, we gain strength and synergy as a unified body of Christ.

Our vision is this: all parents need help. When we approach parenting with humility in regards to learning from others, we are given Godly ways to raise up our children. This website exists because of our desire to have perfect love for our children and to learn from one another.

May the ministry of your parenting be blessed.

Fathers and mothers: Go and lead your child by the hand into the church.

-- St. John Chrysostom

Rear your children in the Lord... Teach them from infancy the Word of God. Discipline them when needed, and render them respectful to legitimate authority. Never let them exercise authority over you.

-- The Apostolic Constitutions

With us everything should be secondary compared to our concern with children, and their upbringing in the instruction and teaching of the Lord.

-- St. John Chrysostom

The primary lesson for life must be implanted in the soul from the earliest age. The primary lesson for children is to know the eternal God, the One Who gives everlasting life.

-- St. Clement

The things that parents teach their children cannot have any weight unless they are the first to practice them.

-- Lactantius

The primary lesson for children is to know the eternal God, the One Who gives everlasting life.”

St. Clement


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